Message from the Principal

principal message


To Our Teeland Families:

It is hard to believe that this is the last Newsletter for the school year! We cannot thank our families enough for the support, understanding, patience, and good humor during this stressful school year. Many families have had to quarantine their student multiple times, students had to master remote learning, and teachers made continuous adjustments to their lesson plans while trying to deliver a quality education. Our experiences this year are unprecedented. There was not a script, instruction manual, or any resources of which to refer throughout the pandemic experience. However, we have pulled together and were able to keep our school open for most of the year.

Teeland Middle School, and the Mat-Su School District, continue to have positive COVID cases. TMS has had 3 cases in the last 10 days that were positive while the individual was infectious and in school. Our Mitigation Plan is the same as it was at the beginning of the year and will not change in the next four weeks of school. We are asking for your continued support in monitoring your student’s health and holding them accountable for following our expectations as we finish strong!

With the increasingly warm weather, children are heading outside to gather with friends and engage in activities. In an effort to keep your students safe, we are asking parents/guardians to please know where their children are going, what their plan is for activities, and with whom they are spending time. Some parks around the Wasilla city limits are becoming gathering places for inappropriate and illegal activity during and after school hours and on the weekends. Please feel free to reach out to our administration if you have questions or need to bring a situation to our attention.

We are having grade level picnics on the last day of school for each group: May 19th for 8th grade, and May 20th for 6th & 7th. Students can bring in their own lunches or get a brown bag lunch from the cafeteria. After the picnic lunches, students will be engaged in field day activities. We would appreciate any donations of individually wrapped chips or treats for the students to snack on in the afternoon. Donations can be dropped off at the front office.

Thank you and take care,

Mrs. Hinds, TMS Principal