OPEN HOUSE - August 24th, 6-7PM at BHS

Learn how to support your student in Summit and ABLE


Whether you are new or just joining us this year, we want to be sure you know how best to supprort you student at Burchell.  Both Summit Learning and ABLE have unique systems designed to ensure success for every student, but it can be confusing if you haven't learned how to access and use our platforms.

Please join us on Thursday, August 24th from 6-7PM at Burchell.  We will have hamburgers and hotdogs fresh and ready to eat at 6:00.  While you eat, we will walk you through the Summit and ABLE systems, how to get you logged in, how to monitor your student's progress, and what to do if you student is struggling. 

If possible, bring a mobile device to practice logging into our systems.  And bring your questions!