Middle School Choir Syllabus 

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Welcome to the Teeland Middle School Choral Program! I sincerely hope your membership in the choir will increase your love for singing, learning music, and contributing to positive traditions. 


Singing in a music ensemble does more than provide a student with an opportunity to sing.  Participation in an ensemble teaches important life skills by allowing a student to: demonstrate and build musical skills and abilities; develop leadership skills; develop a sense of responsibility; make new and lasting friendships; representing a quality organization, and learn proper decorum and etiquette involved with public performances.  We will be constantly working hard to learn music for various performances.  Our participation in concerts, clinics, and festivals will keep us involved, busy, and constantly learning and improving our skills.


As members of the TMS Choir, it is expected that you help build our reputation as a great choir.  We can be as outstanding as we want to be – it all depends on you.  Superior music groups are a result of many hours of hard work as well as a strong dedication and commitment from each member.


 This Syllabus is provided to make the procedures involved as a member of an ensemble and your responsibilities clear. Everything below is important.  However, those sections that appear in the Table of Contents in Boldface Type are especially important for you to know at the beginning of the school year—please read with special care! 


 I hope that you will enjoy your musical studies here...if you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!