Travel/Quarantining After Travel Information

Travel Guide Recent travel out of state? Please know that if your child has recently returned from out of state travel, they must take a COVID-19 PCR (molecular-based not antigen) within 72 hours of departure, or on arrival (at the airport), and self-quarantine until the negative results can be uploaded into the Travel Portal. Travelers must also observe strict social distancing for 5 days after arrival, even it test results are negative. This means you cannot enter a school building during this time. Children 10 and under are not required to be tested; if they choose not to test they would follow the same requirements of the parent or guardian they traveled with. Alaska residents may choose to quarantine for 14 days in lieu of testing, if children do not test.  

- For return travelers, the first COVID-19 test should be taken 72 hours prior to departire or at the airport for Alaska residents. Once you leave the airport with out a test, you will need to do the 14 day quarantine. Getting tested prior to the 14 days does not shorten your quarantine.

- The second test is optional, but should be taken 5-14 days after arrival.

- Do NOT send a child to school until these requirements are met. 

Thank you for helping to keep others safe, and keep schools open.