Moving Indoors

Posted by NANCY BLAKE on 11/17/2020 12:00:00 PM


As the temperatures drop and the ground freezes up, we have shifted physical education classes back into the gym for a while.

We have been focusing on a variety of movement skills with an emphasis on the skill-related fitness components of balance and coordination, and the health-related fitness components of muscular strength and endurance. 

Activities like "Ghostbusters," snowball battles, and basketball shooting are great ways to develop eye hand coordination.

Climbing our 40 ft. traverse rock wall and practicing curl-ups & planks with partners help us build our muscular strength & endurance!

Traveling along our slack lines and developing new moves on our "rock & rollers" give us great practice with dynamic balance!

There are so many fun adventures to have in PE class! Maybe the best is when challenge ourselves to improve our skills as we build upon every one of our successes!

kids in the gym