Getting Outside on Two-Wheels

Posted by NANCY BLAKE on 10/2/2020 8:00:00 AM

Getting Outside on Two Wheels

After two weeks of building skills and confidence on the non-pedal Strider bikes, our students have now been pedaling for the past week! Watching students who have never successfully ridden a two-wheeled bicycle before has been so rewarding! The smiles are HUGE and their eyes just LIGHT UP when they catch that groove of dynamic balance!


Our students have practiced riding uphill and downhill. They've been introduced to the important communication of hand-signals to let other riders know their intentions. They've been weaving through cones, and lining-up their wheels to ride over ramps. 


Next week, our kids will have a trail-riding experience as we take our bikes into the woods and experience our nature trail from a new mode of travel!


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