September Cycling in PE

Posted by NANCY BLAKE on 9/13/2020 8:00:00 AM

Learning and Loving to Ride

Life in Alaska gives us so many opportunities to explore the amazing, natural world around us. Most of us have spent these past few summer months doing just that -- hiking, camping, paddling, you name it! One of my favorite ways to be active outside, even just out my own front door, is riding my bicycle. 


This fall, it is my hope to get EVERY student to fall in love with bicycle riding through physical education class.


We are fortunate to have a full class set of STRIDER bicycles for our students to develop their balance and pedalling skills. Some of our students who are already skilled riders will get to enjoy the outdoors from a great set of two wheels, while those who are just developing their bike skills will be able to slowly build their confidence along with their skills. 


All students will need a helmet to ride in PE. Those who already have their own personal "noggin-protector" are asked to bring it to school (please make sure it is clearly labeled!), and those who do not will be able to borrow one from my collection.


I'm so excited to share my love of cycling with all of our Little Wolves! 

bunny bike