More Fitness Ideas

Posted by BRANDY BISHOP on 4/23/2020 9:00:00 AM

Hello Friends!  Here are a few new ideas to try this week!  

As the PE teacher, I know you are all using your screens and devices A LOT more than usual right now, so here are some ideas you can do WITHOUT using your screen!!

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Non Screen Activities


Does your family like to play Cards?  Or UNO?  Use those cards for some exercise!!  Assign each color or card suit an exercise and when you flip over the card do that number of the exercise!!This picture is an example using Uno cards, but you can find something similar for a regular deck!  If you don't like these exercises, switch it for a different one!

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Uno Workout


Don't forget to take a picture of your April exercise calendars and send it to me in an email!  

Have a wonderful day!!!

Mrs. Bishop