Thursday Fitness Ideas

Posted by BRANDY BISHOP on 4/16/2020 2:30:00 PM

Happy Rainy Thursday Friends!

I've got some fun new fitness ideas for you to try while you are at home!

This first activity is super fun!  It uses a fidget spinner if you have one, and then you need to print out the boards that you can find HERE and HERE.  No printer or spinner?  No problem!  You can make your OWN spinner using a paper plate, thumb tack and paper clip!  Watch the video below to learn how to play the game!!

Fidget Spinner Game


Here is another great activity!  Use this picture to go on a scavenger hunt outside!  Make sure you have a grownup go with you on these so they can get moving too!  Can you find all of them?

outdoor scavenger hunt picture


What are you doing at home to keep your mind healthy?  Getting exercise is a great way to keep your body healthy, but don't forget the rest of your body as well!  Check out this picture for some Self Care!


Healthy Habits picture  


Leave me a comment in your Google Classroom to let me know what activities you have been enjoying.  It's not the same as being in the gym together, but you can still find ways to be active while at home!  Miss you all!  

Mrs. Bishop