Exercise Opportunities

Posted by BRANDY BISHOP on 4/9/2020 12:00:00 PM

It's a SUNNY day today!  What are you doing to get ACTIVE?  Going for a walk, playing outside, and riding your bike are all great ways to get those hearts pumping and get healthy bodies!  

In class right now, grades 2-5 would be working on Fitness Testing.  For those that would like to practice your skills, watch this video of correct ways to work these skills from home.  


Fitness Testing Ideas


This next activity is a great one!  So many kids are familier with Would You Rather games, so here is a fitness one!  Click the link below to watch the video called "This or That."

This or That with exercise! 


How to prepare to exercise

Have a great weekend, get ACTIVE and Happy Easter!

Mrs. Bishop