Going Digital

Posted by ANDREW DWYER on 3/18/2020

Greeting students,


I hope that this message finds you and your loved ones healthy and happy.  It has been in interesting spring break to say the least.  And it looks as though we can expect more of the same in the weeks ahead.  My goal for this class continues to be to have us learn from the past so that we might better face the present and prepare for tomorrow.  However, you can expect a much abbreviated workload compared to what you have received the previous 3 quarters.  I know that you will have a lot of other things on your minds and on your plates, so I hope that we can continue to learn without creating too large a burden.  I’m sure we will find the balance after a little trial and error. 


To that end, I have created new Google Classrooms for all of the periods.  Please use the class codes below to join the appropriate classroom for your period.  This is the first time I have used Google Classroom before, so please be patient with my mistakes as I learn its idiosyncrasies.  If you extend me a little grace I promise to return the favor. 


My hope is to get you all signed up for classroom this week and next week we will slowly roll out a couple assignments.  I know that you had a timeline due this week, but for now we are going to push the due date back on that until we each feel comfortable in our new digital classroom. 


I look forward to interacting with each of you again (although we will have to make do with each other’s avatars for the time being).  I will talk with you soon. 


Best wishes,

 --Mr. Dwyer



Period 2:  cl7hqmy


Period 3:  7nuloox


Period 4:  65mpw2v


Period 5:  j24cvzi


Period 6:  2wkqc3r