WMS Computer Use Agreement

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Students will have access to a Chromebook in the classroom to complete a variety of coursework (notes, labs, assignments). Access to the Chromebook requires the district (MSBSD) student log-in credentials and Google Drive.

Students are assigned to a specific computer to use throughout the school year. Students are expected to always bring a charged Chromebook to school and to have a charger to use 'just in case.'



 Passwords and Logins:

All passwords should be changed at the start of the school year and again if needed. This can be done on either the student Chromebook (Waffle App) or via a browser and the following site: www.matsuk12.us/pw

Passwords should be 8 characters in length and original. 


Student Usernames change depending on the program they are accessing. In general, students will use their Google Login for accessing school addresses or just their name and student number (xx12345).

Google logins (usually most apps on the Chromebook): xx12345@apps.matsuk12.us

Microsoft logins: xx12345@ad.matsuk12.us