What are the discipline procedures?

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At WMS each student is held accountable for this school-wide Code of Conduct.

Do what is expected; do it the best that you can.

Our one rule is: Be kind and respectful to everyone at all times.

If a student chooses to not do what is expected, he or she is violating our Wasilla Way Code of Conduct.


Brief descriptions of the consequences are as follows:

Notice 1: A verbal notifiation of the student being placed on "Notice." A “Notice” Slip may be placed on their desk as a reminder to both the student and staff that the student is on “Notice 1”.

Notice 2: If a student continues to interfere, they will be asked to move to a designated location to reflect on their disruptive behavior. The “Notice” slip can be turned over for the student to fill out the back of the slip. After two to five minutes, he/she is privately asked to state the behavior that resulted in his/her removal from the learning environment and asked if they are ready to return. If the answer is “yes”, or if the student has completed a slip, the student is allowed to return to the designated activities, whereas a response of “no” simply indicates that the student needs more time to reflect and/or gather control.

Student Responsibility Classroom (SRC) referral:

If a student has already been placed on notice twice in a single class period and continues to disrupt, he/she is sending the message that he/she is choosing an SRC referral. The student will be sent to the SRC room with their Notice Slip as a pass. In order to return on the next day to the classroom where the misbehavior took place, the student must:

* Complete the SRC behavior plan

* Discuss the plan with the SRC supervisor or an administrator

* Present the plan to the referring teacher and verbally state their plan for success in order to be re-admitted to the classroom

* Call home to share their behavior plan with their parent(s)/guardian.


A copy of the behavior journal will be placed in the student’s SRC file.