What is the Hall Pass Policy?

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Students must utilize a Google Form to sign both out and back in to class. 


If a student wishes to speak with a counselor or nurse, s/he must send an email to the staff member to request an appointment. A hall pass will be delivered to the student when the staff member is available.


Students receive 4 hall passes each quarter. The hall pass page is stored on the cover of the science journals. These passes are used for any 'trip down the hallway' except for emergencies such as trip to the nurse (blood, barf, or broken bone). Once the quarter's passes are used, there are no more passes for the duration of the quarter.


Hall passes cannot be transferred to other students and, if lost, cannot be replaced until the next quarter. Hall pass requests will be denied if the pass page is not present in class or if a student demonstrates improper hallway behaviors.


Lockers may only be used before/after school and during lunch... no access to lockers is permitted during class or passing times. Students are expected to be prepared for each class and may bring a backpack to class as well.