What is the Cell Phone use policy?

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All cell phones should be turned in to the cell "parking lot" as soon as a student enters the classroom. Each student is assigned an "cell" pocket to store phones for the duration of the class period. There is a limited number of charging spots (no cables provided) for student use.


Phones are to be off or silent. Vibration or flashing lights for notifications are not permitted as they are distracting. 


Phones are occasionally used as stopwatches, calculators, or to record experiment data in the classroom; however, their use is with teacher permission only. 


Students are not to check text messages, text, use social media, or answer any phone calls during class time. If parents need to contact their child, they may do so by contacting the WMS front office or wait for passing time for their child to respond.


Any violations of this policy (texting, social media, calls, not in the parking lot and/or causing a disruption) the phone will be confiscated for the remainder of the class time and will result in the phone being brought to the WMS front office (as teacher time permits) for the student/parent to pick up at the end of the school day.