What do I need for class?

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Update for Quarter 1, 2020: Due to Covid precautions--


All students have checked out a Chromebook and charger. Chromebooks should be charged nightly and brought to class each day. We recommend students to bring the charger as well in case the Chromebook needs charging during the day.

Mrs. Hughes asks for students to have a composition book to store additional notes and in-class labs and activities. We will occasionally use art supplies during class; please have markers/colored pencils available. Requested class supplies/donations: Soap bottle refills, lysol wipes, facial tissues

We now utilize the "Apex" program to replace physical textbooks. Please speak with the librarian if you wish to check out a textbook.

Should we resume "normal" classroom activities:

Class needs will vary from day to day but you should always come prepared with a pencil, a roll of transparent tape, and your science journal.

Your science journal should be stored within the classroom and/or should be always brought to class.

Textbooks are needed occasionally but they stored in the classroom. Links for on-line chapters are available (see your science main page for links). If you want a version of the textbook at home, please check out a copy from the school librarian.


Other recommended items:

     3-ring binder with extra paper and a storage pocket with tape, pencils, colored pencils/markers,

     calculator, ruler, and scissors.