2022 Academy of Blended Learning Education

Academy of Blended Learning Education is offering four weeks of in-person credit recovery from (Dates to be determined) at Burchell High School.  Any students who were in the ABLE program this year can join and continue earning credits towards graduation.  Students will have the chance to move from one course to the next with multiple teachers available for help.  Busing and lunch will be provided.  Students can attend all day or take a morning or afternoon session.  Students must enroll online at the Burchell High School website when enrollment opens in April.  All courses taken in ABLE are credit recovery and do not meet the NCAA criteria for athletic or academic scholarships for Division I or II. 

Purpose: Credit Recovery and Continued Credit Acquisition

Dates: See school specific dates/times below.

Model: In person learning with teachers

Online Learning Platform: Summit Learning, Apex Learning, Google Classroom

Enrollment: enroll at the BHS website in April

Meals: lunch provided

Transportation: busing provided

School & Times

BHS Summer School: 


Tuesdays - Fridays

8:45 - 2:30

WMS Summer School:


Tuesdays - Fridays

9:00 - 2:45

Wasilla Middle School will be offering students the chance to both catch up in their math and reading skills, while having some fun in art and creative projects!  This is an extension of our LEAD After-School program, so if your student had a positive experience in after-school this year, we will multiply the learning and fun in LEAD Summer School!  Students will get the chance to work on creative projects and improve their reading and math skills with expert teachers over the course of three weeks.

Contact: 907-864-2600