High Jump

  1. Opening heights:

                        Fifth grade boys          3’ 4”

                        Fifth grade girls           3’ 2”

                        Fourth grade boys       3’ 2”

                        Fourth-grade girls       3’ 0”


  1. Once the competition starts, the bar is not lowered. Jumpers will have two attempts to clear the bar at each height. Jumpers should stay at the high jump pit to avoid losing their turn at a height. Smaller groups of competitors (flight) can be given two attempts, before the next flight is called to attempt that same height.
  2. The bar will be raised in 2-inch increments until there are five jumpers remaining in the competition. At that point, the bar will be raised in 1-inch increments.
  3. All jumpers must jump off of one foot. Jumpers leaving the ground from 2 feet will be given a miss. A miss will also be recorded if a jumper touches the mat or bar on an aborted attempt.
  4. If a jumper’s actions cause the bar to fall, he or she will be given a miss. The high jump official will make this decision.
  5. A jumper is out of the competition with 2 misses at one height.
  6. The placement records of the top five finishers should be recorded. The winning heights will also be recorded.
  7. Fewest overall misses breaks a tie.