400 meter Relay (aka 4 x 100)

Each school may have two teams per grade/gender division.

Each team must have 4 runners.

In four legs, the team must advance it's baton to the finish line. 

The entire race will be run in heats; no finals; places will be determined by top 5 times in all heats.

The entire race is ran in lanes. Teams must finish in the lane they start or face disqualification.

If a runner runs more than 4 consecutive steps out of her/his lane, or impedes the progress of another team, that team may be disqualified. 

If a team passes their baton outside of the designated passing zones, that team may be disqualified. 

If a runner does not show up for a relay team, teams may substitute another runner who has not substituted in another event.

Teams are responsible for bringing batons.  Please have your teams practice with the batons before the race!