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Read & Write for Google Chrome


Improve reading and writing confidence


Read & Write for Google Chrome is an web app extension intended to support literacy for all learners, readers and nonreaders alike.  There are many practical uses, such as the built in picture dictionary, a web-research button to develop background knowledge, the ability to read aloud any document and webpage, the creation of vocabulary lists, and the ease of creating mp3 files from written text.  


Click here to watch a 2 min overview


Read&Write for Google Chrome provides support tools for the web and common file types accessed through Google Drive, including:

  • Google Docs

  • Google Slides

  • PDF

  • ePubs


Key Tools document Key Tools


Check out these short video tutorials to find out more about what the extension can do for you and your students.


Click her for an installation guide.  Additionally, click here to watch a video detailing how you can quickly add RWGC onto your tool bar by logging into Chrome.  


For additional support, please email or call Rhonda Hewitt, 907.761.4045.