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AP Computer Science Principles Uses Harvard CS50 Curriculum

Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles continues at Colony High.

The Innovation Engine

Wherever you look in today’s world, computer science is there. From 3-D animation to medicine, fashion, engineering, visual design, finance, music production, statistical analysis, and much more, computer science powers the technology, productivity, and innovation that drives the world.

Ideas Come to Life

AP® Computer Science Principles (AP CSP) helps you understand how computing and technology influence the world around you. As part of this course, you’ll create digital projects, such as videos and mobile apps, to address real-world issues in the same way that writers, programmers, engineers, and designers would. Students will conceive and implement digital projects, utilizing some of the same processes that writers, programmers, engineers, designers, and other creators use to bring their ideas to life.

AP CSP students have created projects like:

  • A travel app to plan what clothes to pack based on the destination’s weather
  • A program that identifies threats to cybersecurity and ways to use the internet to address them 
  • An educational app that helps children learn their ABCs 


Beyond Computing

AP CSP can prepare you for success not only in computer science majors and careers but also in other fields and interests. For example, computer science skills can help you:
  • Create apps to track health data and provide real-time suggestions for ways to live healthier 
  • Program models and experiments that aid in answering biology, physics, and sociology questions 
  • Design and create robots to assist in fields like manufacturing, surgery, research, and transportation 
  • Create tools that allow people to collect money for important causes they care about


Why CSP?

You don’t need to know coding or have computer science experience to be successful in AP CSP. Algebra I is the only recommended prerequisite. Students who took AP CSP say that it:
  • Allows them the freedom to pursue their passion 
  • Prepares them for many different jobs 
  • Enables them to investigate computing innovations 
  • Provides an opportunity to work together with classmates to solve problems 


Harvard Curriculum

Colony High uses Harvard University's CS50 curriculum , the course number for the most popular (and most important) introductory course at Harvard.  While Harvard teaches it in a semester, we take a year to adhere to the College Board's Advanced Placement standards and move at a pace that is manageable for our busy high school students. Essentially, student will take a Harvard level class.