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Personal Electronic Devices

PJMS Policy

Personal Electronic Devices in the Classroom

Personal electronic devices (PEDs) can be a distraction to the learning environment and a detriment to learning.  For this reason, the PJMS policy is “off and away during the school day.”  Students are expected to have their electronics turned off and put away from 7:45-2:30 except during lunchtime when use is allowed. Students may also be allowed to use their device for educational purposes in classrooms with specific permission from a teacher.

    • When using devices, no photos or recordings of other people are allowed. 
    • PJMS staff may confiscate any device that is used in violation of this policy, or if it becomes disruptive during times when use is allowed.
    • If a device is confiscated, it will be turned in to the front office and the following consequences will occur.
    • First and second offense, an email will be sent to parents. 
    • Third and fourth offense, the student will receive an ROC referral.
    • For the first through fourth offense, the student may pick up their phone at the end of the day from the front office. 
    • Fifth offense, the device will be turned in to the front office and the student will receive an office referral to see an administrator who will contact parents to discuss the infraction and future consequences.
    • Parents may be required to pick up the device following an office referral.  
    • PJMS is not responsible for items lost or stolen at school.

Parents and guardians, we ask that you help us in enforcing this PED policy by not calling or texting your child during school hours.  If it is a true emergency, please call the front office at (907)761-4300 and speak with a staff member.  We will get a message to your child at an appropriate time to help pass that information along to them instead of them being encouraged to break this policy and potentially cause an interruption and disturbance to the educational setting.