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CMS Staff Commitment Statements

Colony Middle School

2018 Commitment statements


“I will be happy, positive and encouraging, while being consistent in providing purposeful support.” ~ Meg Arneson


“I will try my hardest to teach my students to enjoy being active and encourage them to participate in activities that are challenging. I will instill the importance of movement on their overall physical and mental health.” ~ Rainy Bass


“I will be my best me. I will be kind, be present, be focused, be ready and have fun.” ~ Kristina Booth


“I will connect with my students by being real, being patient, and sometime being batman. I will show forgiveness, teach that mistakes are part of learning, and inspire students to see the adventure in everyday life.” ~ Nada Boyer


“I will # point positive.” ~ Allegra Butler


“I will remind students their experiences and their education is important to me and important to this school. I will be flexible and intentional in my role of supporting CMS faculty and staff. I will help. I will be responsive. I will listen.” ~ Kaite Carrington


“I will focus on the positive and come to school with the energy to inspire my students to become responsible life-long learners.” ~ Dannielle Chyko


“I will work to make a positive impact on all of the CMS family every day. I will strive to inspire every person I come in contact with every day.  I will care for every student and strive to build real, positive relationships.” ~ Matt Clark


“I will bring a positive energetic and efficient attitude to everything I do.” ~ Terry Clayton


“With purpose, passion, and pride, I will build dynamic and flowing trails that lead to thinking and being responsible.” ~ John Cox


“I will look for the best in others. I will build connections with students so they feel cared for. I will encourage them to learn and grow.” ~ Mary Cuzzocreo


“I will smile, encourage and support our CMS students and staff in every way I possibly can! I will draw from my education and life-long experiences to support our students with recognizing their dreams and accomplishing their academic and personal goals. I will also reflect daily so that when tomorrow comes, I will be able to be the best I can be for our CMS students and staff and all who cross my daily path.” ~ Tami Eckel


“I will be an example of respect, hard work and discipline to those placed under my tutelage.” ~ Levi Fischer


“I will step out of my comfort zone as an elementary school psychologist and embrace this wonderful opportunity to grow personally and professionally. Every day I will strive to give my best effort in everything I do. I will advocate first and foremost for the needs of students and I will, respectfully, say what needs to be said to students, colleagues and parents, even in uncomfortable situations. I will be open minded to the thoughts, ideas, opinions and knowledge of others. I will be “present” for students, staff and parents. I will be positive minded, and solution oriented. During challenging times, I will remember why I am here…to be a positive influence in the lives of others and I will maintain the passion I feel at the beginning of the year throughout the year.” ~ Selena Fischer


“I will provide positive support, see strengths in all and look for solutions.” ~ Gwyn Foster


“I will smile every day and rejoice in the shining moments of my students.” ~ Kelley Geagel


“I will realize that what I teach is less important than how I live. So I choose to teach with passion, love unconditionally and be a positive beacon of light to all.” ~ Shawn Gilland


“I will be patient and positive every day. I will encourage and support my students and create a positive learning environment.” ~ Lindsey Harger


“I will cultivate positive, meaningful relationships with students and colleagues. I will choose kindness, be present and mindful of my potential. I will be intentional with my ability to make a difference. I will lead by example, live my truth, and let love drive my choices.” ~ Chris Hebert


“I will greet students, staff and parents with a smile. I will do my best to find solutions and support others.” ~ Kaye Hessinger


“I will look for creative, positive and effective solutions when faced with daily challenges. We will lead the district with positive behavior interventions. I love middle school kidsJ ~ Jo Ann Hinds


“I will be a positive influence in people’s lives. How can I help you? I want to support students, teachers, parents and staff to make each day a good one at CMS. I will listen, be respectful and be the most supportive team member I can be to make CMS a better place for all.” ~ Kim Howell


“I will be committed to the cause – Learn, teach, ask questions, problem solve, and stretch my ability to bring my best to CMS. Respecting those who I work for and who I work with.” ~ Tom Hull


“I will think positive and be kind always. I will listen to all I meet with an open mind and hear them with an open heart. I will give my best every day.” ~ Nikki Hunter


“I will approach each new day with energy, passion and a smile. I will help each student discover their strengths and talents, and help them reach their full potential with guidance, patience and encouragement.  I will be their cheerleader in all of their endeavors, big and small, and celebrate in their successes. I will make every day count!” ~ Brenda Kennedy


“I will be passionate and loving. I will strive to build meaningful and encouraging relationships with students. I will work hard to inspire a love learning and adventure. I will be myself and encourage students to always be their own beautiful selves.” ~ Danae Kringle


“I will work hard to meet the needs of all staff so they may focus on the needs our students. I will treat everyone with kindness every day.” ~ Barb Kysar


“I will provide the most I can to the Colony Community. If a wall is built, create a new path to get around it.” ~ Toby Lambert


“I will do my best to provide my students with the skills and opportunities to become all that they can be.” ~ Matt Lindquist


“I am committed to you, to inspire you, to encourage you and to be a positive resource whenever you need me.”

~ Steve Mann


“This year I will focus on taking a side step in such a way that our students can take center stage and shine. I will be a part of their support to help them find and grow their strengths and to encourage them through weaknesses that they may face. My goal is for our students to become comfortable to the best version of themselves and become supports for our school.” ~ Jennifer Neal


“I will serve my students and parents thoughtfully and with integrity. I will support my colleagues every day.” ~ Scott Olsen


“I will give my personal best on a daily basis. I will look for good thing in all our CMS student. I will lead by example as a positive role model. I will be patient and positive with everyone (even when my buttons are being pushed).” ~ Lance Petrie


“I will provide a positive environment of academic excellence, create a safe environment that fosters a joy of learning allowing my students to become more responsible, self-aware and the best versions of their unique selves.” ~ Sacha Pettitt


“I will empower my students to take charge of the joy and challenge of their own learning! They will learn responsibility through trust and choice!” ~ Erin Pilgreen


“I will be a role model for students by striving to learn and grow. I will be positive and flexible as well as utilizing available resources to solve problems and enhance each day.”  ~ Aleshia Quennell


“I will do my best for kids and staff. I will be the voice for the ones that cannot speak and for the ones that can.” ~ Karen Reimann


“I will dedicate my time and energy to consistently encourage my students. I will inspire them to take risks, learn from their mistakes, give their best effort and grow!” ~ Kris Reisland


“I will build relationships, build balance, build empathy, build compassion and build respect in students.” ~ Stacy Roberts


“I will commit to learning with laughter and taking time to stop and focus on what’s good during a year of new challenges. I will try to help students slow down and focus on simply being a good human first.” ~ Mary Rockey


“I will commit to bring my “best self” every day to the staff and students of CMS. I pledge to continually look for opportunities to encourage, inspire and educate our youth, to make authentic connections and build resiliency in the students I am privileged to serve.” ~ Julie Schultz


“I will commit myself to helping my students feel successful. I will invest myself in learning and taking full advantage of educational opportunities that will make me a more effective service provider. I will exercise patience with my students and myself as well as confidence. I will constantly look for ways to improve and be open to criticism.” ~ Jesse Smith


“I will strive to provide a positive, safe learning environment for all students. I will foster educational excellence all the while supporting the whole child.” ~ Kristy Smith


“I will treat all people with respect at all times. I will model being positive and solution centered. I will look for the positive in people and situations. I will tell the worst jokes ever.” ~ Rex Talcott


“I will make students, staff, parents and myself a priority. I will stop, listen and breath to be the best, respectful, reliable, positive team member that I can be.”  ~ Hannah Thompson


“I will be genuine and honest with my students. I will try my best to instill a love of mathematics and of learning.” ~ David Tollerud


“I will motivate others to be the best versions of themselves. I will support my students through their successes and struggles each and every day.” ~ Colleen Walker


“I will enthusiastically empower my students to become informed citizens. I will connect my students to the world. I will give 100% every day because that’s what we do.” ~ Ben Wargo


“I will remind myself daily: Ego is the enemy; the obstacle is the way.” ~ Steve Young