• Justin LaCoss

    WMS Physical Education

    Google Classroom: www.classroom.google.com

    Google Classroom PE course access: 

    1st period PE: 2y6kbd7

    2nd period PE: 6aaggsd

    3rd period PE: jukzhiu

    4th period PE: zci4agz

    5th period PE: ssmwper

    6th period PE: tvn5go

    To reach me:
    Easiest is to email: justin.lacoss@matsuk12.us I will do my best to respond within the normal school day at the longest within 24 hours.
    Please see the Physical Education team page for more course details.
    Hello Students and Parents!
    I hope that all is going well and that you are all healthy. For as long as the school schedule remains this way I will strive to keep this page up to date and urge you to use the google classroom PE page to find and complete any and all coursework for the PE class this quarter. 
    Feel free to post any questions on the comments section of an assignment there in google classroom and I will try to respond there. If it is something that requires more than a sentence or two free to email me.
    I really want you to stay healthy and physically active. I know that can be a challenge with social distancing and many activities being cancelled but being physically active every day is the most important lifetime skill you can learn in my PE class. I encourage you to find some way to stay active every day. Expecially when we can not be in school.
    Take care and stay healthy and fit!
    Mr. LaCoss
    Mr. LaCoss' Biography
    I was born at a young age. I was raised by my parents until they had completed their job. I graduated from Eastern Oregon University. I moved to and began teaching in the Mat-Su in 2001. I have been teaching Physical Education at Wasilla Middle since I transferred here from Willow Elementary. 
    Please feel free to stop by the school, check in at the front office and say hello before or after class!
Last Modified on August 21, 2020