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    Sutton Elementary Activities

    Sutton Elementary School offers a variety of after school and during school activities.  These can change from season to season.  Check with the office for the most up to date list.


    Feild Trips 

    As a Title 1 school we are able to take multiple whole school educational field trips throughout the year to various locations.

    Family Engagement
    Throughout the school year we offer family engagement nights free of charge.  Families are encouraged to come to the school to enjoy a meal and a fun educational activity with their students. 
    After School Activities
    In the past after school activities have varried from year to year.  One of our favorites is Winter Wellness.  Winter wellness runs from January to the begining of spring break.  Students learn how to ski, skate, and snowshoe on our beautiful property.  Other actities that we have offered are basketball, drama, cross country, music, and science club.







Last Modified on May 11, 2020