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Courses Taught for 2019-2020 1st Per.- U.S. History 2nd Per.- Prep. 3rd Per.- World History 4th Per.- U.S. History 5th Per.- AP U.S. History 6th Per.- AP World History: Modern 7th Per.- Computer Science Lab

Mr. Woolcott

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Phone: 864-5471

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Course work and lesson plans are posted on Google Classroom


Distance Learning Master Plan

     Sorry to interrupt all the video gaming and binge streaming with school work, but the district is telling me that I still have to teach you guys something even if it's in the middle of the zombie apocalypse.  As you have probably heard, all Alaska schools have been closed until May 1st. So yeah, things are a little weird right now, but we will get through this. Don’t worry, I’ve got your distance learning needs covered.  Rest assured, it's going to take more than COVID-19 to stop us from our "appointed rounds" of studying U.S. and/or World History.

     During this time, we will ensure that students earn course credit by continuing with coursework.  Instead of in-person instruction, we will be using online and digital resources posted in each courses' Google Classroom.  Students have already been accessing and submitting coursework in Google Classroom since August, so the assignment procedures will stay the same.  We just won't be meeting in the classroom together and I won't be seeing everyone's smiling faces each day.  If there was any generation that could seamlessly move from in-person classroom instruction to a distance learning model, it is you guys - known affectionately by Dr. Jean Twenge as the “iGen” or “iGeneration.” You got this! And I’m pretty sure I’ve got this too. I’m not talking about COVID-19; I’m referring to our collective ability to totally nail this distance learning thing for as long as we need to.  So here’s the master plan for the time being.


Internet-based Distance Learning:  Distance learning requires students to exercise initiative and to work with a certain level of independence.  I will be “here” (online) to support you, but you will have to exert the discipline to log on to Google Classroom and complete your weekly coursework.  You can’t sit this one out until May and then say, “I didn’t know that I was supposed to do anything.” That excuse is not going to work. Since we don’t need, or want, any additional complications, I will keep things simple by posting the same types of assignments that we have been doing all year long.  There will be some Extra Credit assignments for students who wish to improve their grade. I will also make the videos available for you to view on your own (Protip: In order to watch these videos at home, you will need to be logged on to - just click the “sign in with your Google account” option).


Paper-based Distance Learning: For students without internet access at home, paper-based assignments covering the same course material as the internet based distance learning program will be sent home via the U.S. Post Office.  Use your textbooks to complete these assignments. There is a fancy blue drop box at the front entry of the school where you can return your paper assignments. Please ensure that your name is clearly written on them.    


Redington High School Schedule of Classes

Monday and Wednesday: English/Language Arts and Social Studies instruction

Tuesday and Thursday: Math and Science instruction

Friday: Electives and Tier II Support instruction

Expect approximately 2 hours of seat time per day (total of all classes per day).  I will post assignments and projects in Google Classroom every week. You can expect about 2 hours of Social Studies coursework each week (1 hour on Mondays and 1 hour on Wednesdays).  Extra Credit assignments are supplemental and optional.  However, I strongly recommend that students with low grades and/or missing assignments from the 3rd Quarter complete the Extra Credit work I have posted.  

Office Hours:  As we continue coursework, I will support students by holding “Office hours” via Zoom meetings every Monday and Wednesday from 1:00PM to 3:00PM.  I am also available via Zoom meetings, as needed, by appointment - just email me to set up a time.  The links for my Zoom meetings can be found in each Google Classroom under the Classwork tab at the top of the page within the "Office Hours via Zoom" announcement. 

Communication:  If you need to communicate with me, or have questions, get confused about an assignment, notice an error on something I posted (yeah, I sometimes make mistakes) you should email me at my school email:

I will be checking my school email frequently during regular school hours on weekdays.  Please do not use my gmail email to communicate with me - I don’t utilize that account. Also, please do not post private comments on assignments in an attempt to communicate with me - please use my school email.  Also, please do not “share” an assignment with me - submit assignments through Google Classroom like you’ve been doing all year so far.


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