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  • Looking for AR Tests?

    We had a merge so now students can log in through Clever  and use the White R for ARlink for auto sign-in. This is very help while at school, but different when trying to take an AR test home. Here are the two ways to log in:

    Students may use Clever for many different school programs, including AR. Their login is their ID and a specific email ending and their number is their password in 3-5. In grades K-2, the password is alaska.


    username: ab123456@apps.matsuk12.us

    password: number or alaska 

    At home, using this direct link may be easier for MOST students. There are a few that this link will not work for, unfortunately. AR

    Log in for 3-5 is their "normal" AR log in. First initial and first 4 letters of their last name is the general rule. Their ID number is the password. Student may see classroom teacher or Mrs. Udy if they need it.

    Example for Chester Cougar: Username: ccoug    Password: 123456


    Log in for 1-2 is initials and number with a -1 at the end. Password is just their 6 digit number.

    example: username: ab123456-1  password: 123456

    Contact Mrs. Udy if you have any other questions.


    Our second quarter AR celebration will be Friday, January 7.

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