Welcome to Mrs. Ray's Webpage
    Name: Mrs. Kim Ray
    Email Address: kim.ray@matsuk12.us
    Phone number: (907) 746-8410

    I love my job!  This is year 34 for me; all of those years, teaching here in the valley. I started my teaching career at Wasilla High school.  After two years I transferred  to Palmer High School, and I have been here all these years!  This is a great school, and I am looking forward to meeting you.

    Class Schedule
    1st Period
    2nd Period
    English 1
    3rd Period
    4th Period
    5th Period English 1
    6th period English 1
    7th period
    English 2






    My Grading Policy

    Summative and Formative Grades: All assignments will be placed in one of two categories: formative assessments and summative assessments.  Formative assessments are worth 30% of a student’s overall grade.   Summative assessments are worth 70% of a student’s overall grade. 


    Formative assessments are designed to check students’ knowledge after a concept has been introduced and taught.  Formative assessments include assignments such as reading quizzes, short writing assignments, study guide questions, reflections, in class participation in discussions and group activities, homework assignments.


    Summative assessments are used to check students’ mastery of a concept or skill.  Summative assessments will be given after students have had time to learn the new concept or skill and have been given formative assessments to check their knowledge.  Summative assessments include projects and presentations, major writing assignments, unit exams, and the final exam.