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    Welcome Parents and Students: 
    Name: Mr. Greg Fullmer  Email Address:  greg.fullmer@matsuk12.us  Phone number: (907) 746-8400

       Hi and welcome to Palmer High we are excited to have you here!  Mr. Fullmer is a long time Alaskan,  He has lived here since 1969!   He loves Alaska and loves to hunt, fish, ride sleds (snowmachines) and truly enjoys the outdoors and living in Alaska with his family!  Palmer is a great school, with a great administration and a great teaching staff!   You are awesome for being here and we look forward to seeing you!  
    Class Schedule
    Period 1
    Civics                           Syllabus 
    Period 2
    Alaska History               Syllabus   
    Period 3
    Period 4 AK History                   Syllabus   
    Period 5 US Government              Syllabus   
    Period 6
    AK History                       Syllabus   
    Period 7
    Civics                                Syllabus   



    Homework Policy:  Most assignments will be completed in class with minimal homework required.


    GO Moose!