Welcome to FOURNIER, ANDREW Webpage
    Name: Mr. Andrew Fournier
    Email Address: andrew.fournier@matsuk12.us

    (907) 746-8459

    My classes are managed on Google Classroom.
    The absolute best way to contact me is via email
    Class Schedule
    Period 1,7
     Period 3  Speech/Debate
    Period 4 
    Period 2,6

    All assignments are to be turned in to your Google classroom unless I specify otherwise. No paper copies of essays unless I request them, please.  

    My Grading Policy
    Expect the standard English department make up policy: formative assessments can be made up until the summative assessment for that material is due; Summative assessment is accepted until the school wide semester deadline (approx. 2 weeks before semester ends). My classes are weighted to a minimum of 80% on summative assignments, final exams are weighted no more nor less than other summative assessments are.