Welcome to Tim Popowski's Webpage
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    Mr. Popowski's Email Address: tim.popowski@matsuk12.us 
    Phone number: (907) 746-8449
    Welcome to the 2020-2021  school year.  I look forward to an awesome year at PHS!  Please feel free to contact me using my school e-mail for any questions or concerns you may have about your students progress.
     Palmer Moose
    Class Schedule
    Periods 1, 4, 5
    Intro to Algebra
    Period  2, 3 Informal Geometry   
    Period 6
    Weight Training   


     Moose Activities!!! Get involved! 

    Moose Football Facebook

     Moose Track and Field Facebook



    My Grading Policy
    Intro to Pre-Algebra and Informal Geometry
    Tests ~ 40%
    Assignments ~ 30%
    Quizzes ~ 30%


    Informal Geometry

    Tests ~ 60%
    Assignments ~ 20%
    Quizzes ~ 20%
    *Summative: tests, quizzes & projects
    *Formative: bell assignments, classwork & homework
Last Modified on September 4, 2020