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    Name: Mrs. Perdue
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    T, W, TH:  7:30 - 11:00

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    Spring 2020

    Time Class
    Period 1 Accounting - Mindtap
    Period 2 Technology Applications 1, 2, 3 - Jasperactive
    Period 3 Business Skills Lab/Keyboarding - GC
    Period 4 Online Learning Lab/APEX ** See Below
    Period 5 Personal Finance - GC
    Period 6 Planning
    Period 7 Personal Finance - GC


    Online Learning Lab/APEX 

    Students and Parents,


    iTech has published our testing procedures for students taking APEX, ALHS, and eDynamics.  Please read the attached document for specific information regarding testing for the course you are taking.  Wasilla High School will hold 3 virtually proctored testing sessions each week using the following Zoom login codes.  You may attend any of these sessions.  You do not have to attend the session with your school mentor and wait another week before you can test again.  You may test with any proctor.


                  MONDAYS: 9AM-11AM with Mrs. Allen   Zoom Code 916-292-431

                  WEDNESDAYS: 9AM -11AM with Mrs. Perdue  Zoom Code 277-354-744

                  FRIDAYS: 9AM-11AM with Mrs. Beebe   Zoom Code 452-988-057


    Prepare yourself prior to logging on to a testing session.  Remember, there will be other students testing so we want to limit our talking during these sessions.  Zoom etiquette is that you have your microphone muted unless you are speaking.  When you log in to a session, be patient.  If there are other students ahead of you, wait your turn.  Your proctor will talk directly to you in the order in which you log in.  This is what we will be looking for:

    1. Have all of the unit coursework turned in.  This includes all of the written work.  You will not test until that is done.
    2. Be prepared to go back to the first set of excused tests.  You will be taking all previously excused tests to get you caught back up!
    3. Be prepared to show your proctor that you are putting your cell phone in another room
    4. Be prepared with a 1-Page Note Sheet
    5. Be prepared to only have your note sheet, and a calculator or blank scrap page (if necessary for Math and Science) on your desk during testing


    The first testing session will be held this week on Friday March 27 with Mrs. Beebe.


    Keep working!  Good luck!  You’ve got this!

    Allen, Beebe and Perdue

    WHS iTech Mentor Teachers






Last Modified on March 25, 2020