• The IB Diploma At Palmer High

    Now accepting applications for current 10th graders interested in pursuing the full IB Diploma

    10th Grade IB Diploma Application 2024

    Palmer High School offers a variety of ways for students to experience IB, one of which is the IB Diploma. The Diploma Program is a rigorous pathway of study designed to challenge motivated students in their academic growth across different disciplines. In order to qualify for the full IB Diploma, students need to complete a course and sit for exams in each of the following categories of classes during their junior and senior years:

    1. Language and Literature

    2. Language Acquisition

    3. Individuals and Societies

    4. Experimental Sciences

    5. Mathematics

    6. An IB elective of choice 


    You can find out more about these course offerings here. In addition to the six subject areas, Diploma students have to fulfill three other requirements:
    ToK is an interdisciplinary capstone class in which students examine different ways of knowing and the metacognitive process.
    Diploma students write a 4000 word paper based on original research in a topic of their choosing. Under the guidance of a staff member, this allows students to explore the kind of writing and research that will be expected of them in college.
    IB encourages students to engage with their community and apply what they learn to make a difference outside of the classroom. Over their junior and senior years, Diploma candidates engage in and reflect upon what are known as Creativity, Action, Service  (CAS) projects, culminating in a project of their own design. 

  • Congratulations to the Class of 2023 IB Diploma Candidates
    Elora Baker
    Esme Campfield
    Cody Hanson
    Ella Jordan
    Athena McAbee
    Leah Roberts
    Jacob "Remi" Venema
The Class of 2023 IB Diploma Candidates
Last Modified on February 29, 2024