• The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is a rigorous, college-preparatory program featuring courses students take in the 11th and 12th grades. 

    The IB Diploma requires study in the following categories:


      Group 1: Studies in Language and Literature—IB Literature 1 and 2

     Prerequisites: English 1 and English 2 (Honors not necessary)


              Group 2: Language Acquisition—IB Japanese 1 and 2, IB French 1 and 2

    Prerequisites: Japanese 1 and 2 and French 1 and 2


    Group 3: Individuals and Societies—IB History 1 and 2, IB Philosophy 1 and 2

    Prerequisites for IB History: Civics, World History

    Prerequisites for IB Philosophy: None


    Group 4: Experimental Sciences—IB Biology 1 and 2, IB Chemistry 1 and 2, IB Physics 1, IB Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS)

    Prerequisites for IB Biology: Regular Chemistry

    Prerequisites for IB Chemistry: Regular Chemistry

    Prerequisites for IB Physics: Regular Chemistry, Algebra 2

    Prerequisites for IB ESS: Regular Biology


    Group 5: Mathematics—IB Mathematics, IB Math Studies

    Prerequisites for IB Mathematics: Algebra 2

    Prerequisites for IB Math Studies: Geometry


    Group 6: Fine Arts—IB Visual Arts 1 and 2, IB Music Theory 1

     Prerequisites for IB Visual Arts: No specific prerequisites, though two previous art courses is helpful

    Prerequisites for IB Music: No specific courses; students should be able to read music

    A seventh course, Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is also required for all diploma candidates.  Two other required components of the IB Diploma are the Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) community service project, and the writing of an extended essay: an essay written by the student on a topic of his or her choice, guided and supported by a teacher of his or her choice.  These projects are part of the TOK curriculum.


    Students who do not wish to complete the full IB Diploma Programme may take any IB course or courses of their choice.  At the conclusion of these courses, students may take the same exams as diploma students in order to receive scores for individual courses.
       Humanities, World Literature
       Modern Novel, Literature and Ideas
       Environmental Systems and Societies
       U.S. History, History of the Americas, World in the 20th Century
       Environmental Systems and Societies (not currently being offered)
       Math Studies
       Visual Arts
       Music Theory
Last Modified on February 7, 2019