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      Welcome to Palmer High School Life Skills Learning Environment                                                                                                                
    Theresa Savel
    (907) 746-8439 
    Co-teacher: MaryAnn McCall
    Support Staff: Kay Omer, Greg Rutledge, Rich Vandermartin,Traci Dean & Sabrina Shelton
    Self-contained and intensive programs address the needs of students with severe to moderate disabilities. Programs include direct and multi-modal instruction to teach functional academics, daily living skills, self-advocacy, prevocational training, self-help, social and emotional skills. Program goals are to prepare students for transition to adult life. Program components include academic programs that require four years of mathematics and language arts with an emphasis on application to daily living. Students are included in the general curriculum based on individual interests and needs as appropriate. A large component of the program focuses on access to the community and community involvement from recreational activities to developing a sense of community responsibility through volunteering. Students engage in a vocational training program that emphasizes pre-employment skills such as work ethic, work skills, and work responsibility. Self-contained and intensive programs offer the opportunity for students to earn a Certificate of Achievement through a required 22 credits and successfully passing the Alternate Assessment. The primary goal of these programs is to produce young adults who are responsible, contributing members of the community.
    Class Schedule:
    Period 1 Occupational Knowledge
    Period 2 Fundamentals of PE
    Period 3 Life Skills
    Period 4 Daily Living Skills English
    Period 5 Work Study
    Period 6 PREP
    Period 7 Work Study

    11/26  Police Station

    12/3  NO SCHOOL

    12/10 Firestation

    12/17 EMS Engineering Firm




    Statewide Alternate Assessment Window-Testing for Freshman and Sophomores
    (Please visit State of AK DEED Assessment Site and/or ask Ms. McCall or Ms. Savel about the testing process.) 
     March and April 
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