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    Madame Easter


    Classroom phone number: (907) 746-8430

    Office hours: Before and after school 


    Welcome to the new school year.  I am excited about this year and hope we will all be able to learn a lot.  Parents, I welcome input and suggestions from you at any time.  Feel free to use the e-mail link above to keep in touch with me throughout the year. You will find my syllabus, monthly lessons planning, as well as information about IB diploma, International Club, tutoring, etc. on my website. I also use Google Classroom and the Remind App regularly; below, you will find the codes for each level.




    Daily/weekly activities (2021-2022):


    FRENCH 1

    Period 1: 

    Google classroom: 5gtz7s4

    Remind: d6fh4f

    Period 6: 

    Google classroom: gc5pfi3

    Remind: d6fh4f

    FRENCH 2

    Period 2:

    Google Classroom:  zeg5a7u

    Remind: 2be66gb

    Period 4: 

    Google Classroom: fpvtdya

    Remind: 2be66gb


    Period 3: 

    Google Classroom: kzwmwun

    Mme Easter

    Remind: d9f4a9


    My website link:




    1st Hour French 1

    2nd Hour French 2

    3rd Hour French IB (Level 3 and 4)

    4th Hour French 2

    5th Hour Planning

    6th Hour French 1

    7th Hour 4C's


    My Grading Policy

    Total Points will reflect the weight of a given assignment Formative assessments: 30%  Summative assessments: 70%

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