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    Name: Dr. Jamin L. Burton
    Email Address: Jamin.Burton@matsuk12.us
    Phone number: (907) 861-5584

    Welcome to the 2020-21 school year.  I am excited about this year and hope we will all be able to learn a lot.  Parents, I welcome input, suggestions, and volunteering from you at any time.  Feel free to use the e-mail link above to keep in touch with me throughout the year.  In addition to this page the band used the "band" app to help with communication.  It can be found here https://band.us/band/67822929/invite#
    Announcements, changes, questions, and reminders of upcoming dates are all posted to the band app page.
    Our booster organization would also love to have your help.  Send me an email and we will add your email address to our booster email list.  We do several fundraisers throughout the year and operate the Upbeat Cafe, which sells snacks during school and special events.  There is a separate band app group for boosters https://band.us/band/76756542/invite#
    Time Class
    6:40-7:25 Jazz Band
    1st Period Symphonic Band
    2nd Period Concert Band
    3rd Period Percussion Methods
    4th Period Advanced Percussion Methods
    6th Period Prep Hour
    7th Period Orchestra
    2:25-4:15 Marching Band (Fall Semester Only)
     5th Period - Out of the Building/Not on Contract

    ! Picture of Dr. Burton at Macy's Parade Announcement

    Jamin L. Burton



    My Grading Policy

    Grading policies vary from class to class because each class has different skills and expectations.  Please refer to individual class syllabi for more information about grading.  PLEASE be sure to check the calendar frequently.  Performances and dress rehearsals are required and are a large part of each class!
Last Modified on January 29, 2021