Hello Christmas Bazaar Vendors  - 


    We hope this finds you well and enjoying the remaining few fleeting moments of another great Alaskan summer!  COVID-19 has made the opening of school  very different for Brian and I, but we are both excited to be back in school and seeing (most) of our students.


    Many of you have inquired as to the status of the 2020 Christmas Bazaar - and we appreciate your patience while we worked through and talked through what that might look like.


    We are very sad to announce that the 2020 Colony Christmas Bazaar will be cancelled.  In the end - the logistics became too complicated for a student run show.  It would have required a reworking of booth spaces, reducing the number of vendors, and limiting the number of customers walking in and out - all without knowing until very late in the game if we would even be allowed to hold the event.  Too many questions and not enough answers for us to feel good about hosting it.


    So what does that mean for you?


    You will receive and email on October 1st from Brian and I.  We will want to know if you want us to keep your registration from this year’s bazaar and roll over your spot and payment for the 2021 Christmas Bazaar OR do you want a refund. 

    • If you request a refund you will be removed from your spot.  You can still sign up for the waitlist that will come out on January 1st on the Bazaar website.
    • If you choose to roll over your 2020 registration you are guaranteed your spot in the 2021 show (and if you requested a move and we can make it you will be moved to the space requested).  
    • If we don’t hear from you - we will assume you are attending the 2021 Christmas Bazaar.

    We know this isn’t ideal - and it will be weird for Brian and I not to spend Thanksgiving weekend preparing the school for one of the most popular events in the valley.  If you have any questions - please email BOTH of US and we will try to answer any questions you may have. 


    We appreciate your continued support of our students, our school, and our community.


    Tom Berg & Brian McIntosh



Last Modified on September 4, 2020