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          • American Charter Academy


            Achieving academic excellence. . . .the American way!

            AMC currently has no student openings

            If you are interested in attending American Charter, please fill out an application to be placed on a wait list!  

            Our second enrollment window closed on Wednesday, June 22nd.


            Call 907-352-0150 for more information.


            SY 2022/23 Open House Thursday, August 11th @6pm in the Courtyard


            Parking - Please park vertically in front of the courtyard fence or in our overflow parking to the north of our main entrance.

            We believe in the American "Can Do" Spirit.
            Anyone can be successful if they are willing to work.

            Close to Perfect, Far from Normal.

            Don't Forget - on Friday wear your RED shirt (Remembering Everyone Deployed)

             Red Shirt Friday's with Mrs. Beech and Mrs. Hoppe

            Mrs. Beech, Mrs. Hoppe and their students show their American Charter pride with their RED shirt Friday's salute to our deployed servicemembers.

            Mrs. Nina Brady - Our excellent teacher, KTVA's Teacher of the Week!  
            Mrs. Brady is the designer and creator of the multi-age classroom curriculum and concept,
            successfully preparing students for greater opportunities in their future!

          How Can We Help


            We can help your student prepare for your future with:

            • UA Scholars Program
            • Alaska Performance Scholarship qualification
            • Advisory Program

            Educational Elements:

            • Kindergarten - 12th Grades
            • Excellence in Academics
            • Standards-Based
            • Public Charter School
            • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) Focused School
            • Core Knowledge through Cross Curricular Project-Based Instruction
            • Hands on Activities
            • Placed-Based Instruction

            Available Sporting Activities:

            • Snowshoes
            • Running Club
            • Physical Education

            Available Afterschool Activities:

            • Science Olympiad
            • KidWind
            • Chess

            Additional Information:

            Students throughout our school (kindergarten - graduation) enjoy a blended learning environment with many hands-on projects, teacher-led discussions, experimental labs and online experiences.

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