We encourage parents to use our online tool, iPlay, to register their high school and middle school students for Athletics and Activities. 
    Summer registration for upcoming year activities will open June 1, however iPlay will be unavailable the first two weeks of July.  School Cash online will be available to pay fees on July 15.
    Please keep in mind that only Guardians from the student's primary family will have access to complete the iPlay online registration for their student(s).
    Feel free to complete the iPlay Registration Checklist to ensure that you have completed the necessary items and are prepared to register. This will assist you to not get timed out during the process. Once you've prepared your paperwork and completed eligibility items access iPlay:
    1. Download iPlay Registration Checklist and confirm you are ready to register
    2. Sign into your iParent account
    3. Choose the student to register
    4. Click on the iPlay link on the list to the left and follow the prompts
    If you are unable to get an iParent account prior to the first day of school contact your school to get a Athletic Registration Packet.