Battle of the Books  

    The Battle of the Books is a statewide Alaskan reading motivation and comprehension program sponsored by the Alaska Association of School Librarians.

    The goals of the program are to encourage and recognize students who enjoy reading, broaden reading interests, increase reading comprehension, and promote academic excellence.

    Books are chosen and questions are written for all grade levels by librarians and teachers from across the state.
    Students in middle school read 10 books, discuss them, quiz each other on the contents, and then compete in teams of not more than three students to correctly answer questions based on the books in a "quiz show" format.

    Click on circles below to watch book trailers.

    For more information about WMS' Battle of the Books program contact Carrie Day at carrie.day@matsuk12.us.     
    More information about the Alaska Battle of the Books program can be found at http://www.akla.org/akasl/bb/bbhome.html .
Last Modified on August 5, 2017