• Good Web Sites!


    Cool Math 4 Kids. Practice math! For preschool through middle school. Reliable and accurate. Contains advertising.


    Funology. Practice math facts! For elementary school students. Reliable and fun. Contains advertising.


    Cool Math. Math games, puzzles, and practice. For elementary and middle school  students.  Reliable and very fun. Contains advertising.


                World of Math Online. Games, homework help, calculators. For elementary ages.  Reliable. Contains advertising.


                Kids Know It Network. Tons of games, activities, and educational movies in all subjects.  For elementary age. Accurate and reliable information. Some advertising but not intrusive.


                McDougel Little textbook finder. Takes you to the activities and additional materials for  their textbooks. For middle and high school students, and teachers. Reliable and accurate. No advertising.


    Magic Tree House book series. Learn about the books and author. Games and activities.    For preschool, elementary, middle school, and adults. Great details and information. Promotes the books but also has free materials and activities. Does not sell anything.


                Free Typing Game. Practice typing. Good for elementary students. Accurate and good for learning how to type. Contains advertising.

    www.disneychannel.com or www.disney.com

                Disney. Learn about animals, puzzles, sports, cooking, and Disney movies. Games and      activities. Lots of fun stuff for elementary through adult ages. The website heavily promotes Disney movies and includes a store.


    Anchorage Dispatch News. Read the day’s news online! For students and adults. Lots of information, usually reliable.


    Official site of the Iditarod sled dog race. Lots of information about the race. You can go here during the race to find out where the racers are on the trail. For middle school through adult ages. Reliable information. Contains some advertising.


                Website for public television children’s shows. Play games and watch shows. The games   teach skills like reading, math, and spelling. For preschool and elementary ages. Reliable and fun. No advertising or store.


                Website for public television. Current events, TV schedules, information about PBS shows, links to PBS sites for kids and parents. For elementary through adult ages. No advertising, except for PBS shows. Some links don’t work at school. Reliable and accurate information.


                National Geographic. Great photos, articles, and information about animals, geography,    people, science. They show you how to help the environment. For all ages. Accurate and reliable information. Some advertising.


                Website of the Academy of American Poets. Learn about poets, read poems, listen to        poems. Activities and lesson ideas for teachers. For upper elementary, middle school, high school, and adult ages. Reliable and informative. No advertising but includes a poetry store.

    • Online Reference






     Ask Jeeves




    World Book Online




    State Research


    Learn about the 50 states

    50 States

    Popular state facts

     State Animals

    In-depth description of state animals

     Infoplease-State Symbols

    Info on some of the state symbols

    First Gov for Kids

    More info on states, plus

    National Statuary Hall

    Statues/Bios of great state people

    U.S. State Tourism

    Links to each states tourism site


    Helpful sites with kid friendly biographies


Last Modified on August 21, 2017