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About the Library


Mrs. Brown has worked in the MSBSD since 1991 and it's an exciting year at the Palmer High School Library! High school is the best place to be in education! I love working with students who grow and learn as we are all teachers and students. As librarian I play a key role in student literacy, achievement and helping students learn a little more than they knew yesterday.


The Palmer High School Library program provides support and resources to help fulfill our school-wide mission of being an academically excellent, socially equitable and developmentally responsive high school. Our flexible library schedule and activities promote collaborative teaching and research instruction to foster and strengthen individual student achievement.


Our facility, including print and computer resources, can easily accommodate two to three classes and several independent students or small groups simultaneously. Teachers reserve time for regular visits to check out books, at the same time other classes are conducting research or working in the computer lab. Our resources, equipment, and organization are improving on a daily basis.

Computer Access: Library and Technical Resources

Students at Palmer High School have a variety of computer resources. The library has a diverse library catalog, 32 open use windows laptops in the library for writing, research, learning tools, and multimedia publication.

Teachers may sign up for special Library use and integrate Library resources into their teaching strategies.

Internet Access

All students using the Internet must have a computer and Internet Acceptable Use Policy signed by parents/guardians for access to computers, the Internet and publishing. Students may have privileges revoked, and/or other consequences, if this policy is violated.

Information Literacy Instruction

The library web page is designed to facilitate student research on the Web by adding specific links requested by teachers, and by listing reviewed web sites appropriate for high school students.

Teaching efficient search techniques and strategies for the Internet and use of subscribed on-line databases is emphasized. In conjunction with search strategies students are taught how to critique a web site for authenticity, purpose, and prejudice. They are encouraged to use critical thinking, adapt to continuing improvement of research methods, and integrated to develop a sound ownership and pride in their Library, resources, and sharing talents to develop Library resources and facilities.

Last Modified on January 29, 2018