English and Art Matters
              Kesugi Ridge Run

    "Anything given can be reimagined." --Seamus Heaney
    With a focus on critical thinking and creative problem solving, this year's classes are sure to promise intrigue, debate, and a few laughs.  We will move together through material that will challenge your intellect and broaden your perspectives.  Always, I encourage you to share your musings--learning should be a joyful noise.  So, one. . .two. . .three--LET'S GO!
    Period 1 British Literature
    Period 2 Preparatory Period
    Period 3 Art
    Period 4 English 2 (Sophomore English)
    Period 5 English 3
    Period 6 Shakespeare
    Period 7 Creative Writing


    • Students and I grade homework using the "classwork scoring guide." I grade students' papers using the appropriate "persuasive writing rubric".  Please see links to the left to view these rubrics.
    • All of my classes are linked to Google Classroom where students can receive and turn in classwork, as well as view videos, discussions, and images that extend the discussion.  Ask your student to log into Classroom to see what we've been doing.  I can also send you a weekly report at your request.  
    • For timely communication, please email me at Jennifer.Keenan@matsuk12.us



    • Bachelors of Arts in English and Sociology, University of Michigan
    • Masters in Teaching English, University of Chicago


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