The Science of Reading for All of Alaska
    From Alaska Science of Reading Symposium 2022


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    Why the Science of Reading


    Alaska Science of Reading Symposium  Day 1

    Keynote starts @47 minutes

    Dr. Tracy Weedan 4/28/22

    "The Moral Imperative for Moving the Needle"

    Ted Talk panel starts @ 3:07 [3 hrs 7 minutes]

    Commissioner Michael Johnson, Senator Tom Begich, State Board of Education Sandra Kowalski, Superintendent Deena Bishop, Principal Frances Jackson, ASD teacher Elizabeth Hancock

    "Why reading matters for Alaska"

    Keynote @ 6:08 [6hrs 8 minutes]

    Dr. Carey Wright

    "How Mississippi Moved the Needle in Reading"





    What is the Science of Reading?


    Alaska Science of Reading Symposium  Day 2

    Keynote starts @20 minutes

    Dr. Carol Tolman 4/30/22

    "The Science of Reading: What it is and What it is not."

    "We know how to teach [students] to read...We also know...that some students struggle more than others..."


    Keynote starts @ 4:39 [4 hours 39 minutes]

    Dr. Heidi Beverine-Curry

    "The Science of Reading: A Defining Moment."




    How will we move the needle in Alaska's reading performance?


    Alaska Science of Reading Symposium  Day 3

    Keynote starts @14 minutes

    Dr. Tracy Weedan 5/1/22

    "What Next?  All Hands on Deck!"


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