If you access these websites from home, log into your Moodle account to see the logins and passwords.

    World book
    World Book Online - Up-to-date encyclopedia articles,images, maps,charts,journal articles and selected websites.
    Noodletools - From selecting a search engine and finding some relevant sources, to citing those sources in MLA or APA style, NoodleTools makes online research easier!
    CultureGrams Culture Grams - Cultural reports for 182 countries and territories each include 25 categories such as land and climate, history, personal appearance, greetings, gestures, family,diet, holidays, economy, education, health, and events and trends. Also has a photo gallery,biographies of famous people, and a recipe collection.
    AK Library network

    Digital Pipeline: Most of the resources included in these databases are journals and magazine articles. There are several excellent health related resources here, a car repair database (like Chiltons), and practice tests for numerous certifications.

    Moodle Tech Mat Su- Choose Career and Technical Education. Click on Resources: Library & Online.


    Find information about Alaska colleges and universities along with colleges from around the world.

    There are three main areas:

    1. Occupations & Employment
    2. Education & Training
    3. Assessment Tools
    See the librarian, counselor, or a teacher for the login and password.
    Alaska Digital Pipeline - Testing Information Click on "T" and then Testing and Education Reference Center
    Find colleges, graduate schools, specialty and career programs, and test preparation materials.
Last Modified on April 9, 2012