Technology Applications I

    This course provides instruction in Microsoft Office. The self-instructional guide provides the necessary applications to become a proficient user of Word and Excel software. Additionally the basics in the Windows environment will be taught.


    Here are some resources for this class:

    Acceptable Internet Use Form for MSBSD Students (each student has a signed copy of this on file with CTHS)
    Here are some web resources for this class:
    Required: Notebook (3-ring binder)

    - The very first thing that should be in your notebook, is your notebook grade sheet. - Right after your notebook grade sheet, you should have your class calendar.
    - Then your tabbed sections begin. The tabbed sections that are required in your notebook are:

    1) Daily Work (all graded lab worksheets and quizzes go in this section)
    2) Unit Reviews (all graded unit reviews go in this section)

    Being organized with your assignments is a very important employability skill. When an assignment is returned, be sure to put it in the proper section of your notebook.

Last Modified on May 23, 2019