Internet of Everything
    (former names: Computer Science 1 and Information Technology)

    This course will present topics on information technology, telecommunications and

    document-centered processing. Current topics such as multimedia, networking,

    graphical user interfaces, virtual reality, operating systems and computer security are

    covered thoroughly. Other topics will include ethics, law, microprocessor history, and

    ‘back office services’ as they relate to computers.


    Here are some resources for this class:
    Acceptable Internet Use Form for MSBSD Students (each student has a signed copy of this on file with CTHS)
    Required: Notebook (3-ring binder)
    - The very first thing that should be in your notebook, is your notebook grade sheet.
    - Right after your notebook grade sheet, you should have your class calendar.
    - Then your tabbed sections (which are listed on your notebook grade sheet) begin. 
    Being organized with your assignments is a very important employability skill. When an assignment is returned, be sure to put it in the proper section of your notebook.  


Last Modified on November 1, 2019