Parent/Guardian Feedback
    Feedback from Deb (Spring 2012)

    I was totally impressed with your instruction during Info Tech class 3rd hour today. You run a tight ship, Captain Riddle. You set students up with expectations and followed through with your responses to behaviors. I felt the authority you summoned, while sensing the students thrived in the organization of your leading. You let them know expectations and praise them with encouragement when they do right. I learned a lot. This is the perfect environment for learning for all kinds of students. Thank you for teaching. 

    Feedback from Kathlene (Fall 2011)
    I just wanted to thank you for "going to bat" for my daughter and creating opportunities for success for her. It was such a difficult start to the year trying to keep up! We appreciated your flexibility during the semester and the extra efforts I am sure you went to -- to help her be successful.  Many thanks and kudos to you!
    Feedback from Ingrid (Fall 2011)
    I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much my husband and I appreciate the dedicated staff you have at CTHS.  My son regularly comes home amazed at the enthusiasm his teachers have for teaching and the genuine concern they have for each student.  He remarks at how kind his teachers are and how well they treat the students. He says that Mrs. Riddle obviously loves her students and they can tell. It makes them want to do better. She also loves what she teaches and makes it fun. He loves his new school and can't imagine going to school anywhere else.  As a parent, I am equally impressed.  I feel confident sending my son to school - knowing that CTHS has standards for their students beyond other area high schools.
    Feedback from Debra (Fall 2010)
    E-alerts are wonderful. It helps us cut through the layers of information! What an informative website you have! Student Resource link is great. The Program of Studies link is valuable to parents to monitor classes that our students choose. It gives us as parents a way to be aware and then reason with our kids the purpose classes serve in their chosen pathways. Thank you for making that readily available for your classes. 
    Feedback from Jean (Fall 2010)
    Thank you for being such a sincere, helpful instructor. There are many wonderfully talented and sincere faculty at CTHS that take an interest in the students, you especially stand out in that regard. 
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