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    The Riddle Family
    Mrs. Riddle with a Naknek River King Salmon
    The Riddles
     My family!
    Photo courtesy of Ivy Bowler Photography
     Aria Jewell meets Grandpa and Nana
    Name: Mrs. Amy Riddle
    Email Address: amy.riddle@matsuk12.us
    Office number: (907) 352-0463

    Amy Riddle joined the CTHS staff in August 2007 with many years of both teaching and industry experience. Amy’s 19 years of business office experience in industry has included working for local, state and federal governments, a utility company, and an equipment rental company. Prior to coming to CTHS, Amy taught at Bristol Bay Borough School in Naknek, Alaska for twelve years.
    Amy is thrilled to be a member of the CTHS staff and working with students in the Business Pathway. She believes that no matter what students will be doing in the future, they all need to obtain the rock-solid computer skills that she is teaching in every one of her classes.


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    Mrs. Riddle's Schedule for Fall 2021
    Room 222
    Tech Apps 1, 2, 3
    Room 222
    Intro to Computer Science/Internet of Everything
    Room 222
    Tech Apps 1, 2, 3
    Room 222
    Basic Web
    Room 222
    A+ and Desktop Publishing 1
    Room 222



    Sterling Maffe's DTP2 feedback
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    Kristina Hansen's BSL2 feedback
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